Wake County, North Carolina now on KinderWait

KinderWait turned out to be a good fit for Wake County, North Carolina’s childcare subsidy program. Wake County is one of the largest counties in North Carolina. The state recently converted to childcare payments through the ACS (now Xerox) swipe […]

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Will California Realignment Require a New CEL?

For many years, the State of California mandated a Centralized Eligibility List (CEL) for subsidized childcare. The KinderWait product was our solution to that problem, and many counties used our product to run their CELs. Then, in 2011, the State canceled […]

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KinderWait Runs in Massachusetts and North Carolina

The latest generation of KinderWait (Version 3) runs statewide childcare waitlist operations in Massachusetts and countywide in Wake County, North Carolina. The Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) deployed KinderWait in the summer of 2011. Several thousand users […]

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Version 2.7.8 Ready

Version 2.7.8 was created quickly with ony two new features, on a custom report for a single agency, the other the ability to search for child flags. This was urgently needed in the California space, to accommodate the Stage 3 […]

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Searching for Child Flags

The option to search for child flags was added to the search criteria in the Families, Children and Search/Mail Utilities. There is now a drop down in each of the utilities now that allows you to search for child flags. This […]

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