Controltec has delivered software and Internet solutions since 1993. As a specialized Applications Service Provider (ASP), Controltec develops and markets software products and services available over the Internet. Controltec is specialized in two major areas:

  • Systems for subsidized childcare (e-childcare)
  • Government and e-government initiatives

Based on a comprehensive understanding of the subsidized childcare industry, Controltec’s childcare product line is unparalleled.

Controltec is focused on serving agencies administering subsidized childcare. Welfare reform has posed complex administrative challenges to state, county, and local government agencies. With client agencies in California, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Alaska, Controltec understands the day-to-day issues and practicalities of managing childcare subsidy agencies.

Controltec’s hosting services include full system hosting in the private Cloud, with provisions for production data centers and stand-by data centers for disaster preparedness  and recovery.

Controltec’s support center is available to assist not only agencies and their staff, but also to answer calls from childcare providers and parents with questions about attendance tracking, electronic invoice submission, provider payment reconciliation and other concerns.

Controltec’s core technical capabilities include database development based on the Microsoft SQL Server system, web development using Microsoft Internet Information Server, and systems software development on the .NET platform using C# as the programming language. In addition, Controltec’s development team is well versed with Visual C++, Visual Basic and Java.

To supplement its line of childcare subsidy applications, Controltec also designs and develops devices for attendance collection, integrating touch screens, point-of-sale terminals, card readers, biometric finger scanners and hand scanners.


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