Welcome to KinderTrack

Using KinderTrack, agencies can manage their subsidized childcare programs and streamline the process of generating payments.
KinderTrack is our flagship product, installed in many childcare subsidy agencies in five states, ranging from very small agencies with just a few operators to very large ones, with hundreds of operators, generating tens of thousands of provider payments a month.
Agencies managing subsidized childcare programs are challenged with providing quality services to families with reduced budgets. KinderTrack  incorporates pre-approved payment rules to calculate accurate provider payments. This enables staff to serve families more efficiently and easily manage larger caseloads.
KinderTrack simplifies the tasks associated with managing subsidized childcare programs by automatically determining family and child eligibility, authorizing childcare schedules, calculating accurate provider payments and generating state mandated reports.
Completely Integrated
KinderTrack provides case managers with an easy way to manage their caseloads. It tracks events that will require attention and generates case manager alerts automatically in advance. Processed alerts have their status changed, which enables case managers or supervisors to see what tasks have already been completed.
The rates that each provider charges for childcare are stored by effective date and automatically compared to the appropriate allowable rates each time a payment is calculated. This ensures that an agency will never overpay a provider.
KinderTrack automatically generates timesheets for each provider and child combination, further streamlining the payment process. Once the payment has been computed, the complete calculation history is stored in a history table for audit review.
KinderTrack generates state mandated reports as well as a host of analytical and statistical reports. Powerful projection reporting provides agencies with the ability to examine what their future childcare costs are expected to be and compare them against the actual payments made. This enables agencies to serve the most families possible with the available funds without exceeding their budgets.
Audit Trail
Every change made in KinderTrack is recorded in history tables, along with a date and timestamp, the user who made the change and the reason why the change was made. This provides a complete audit trail of every change made to the system.
Simple Interface
KinderTrack was created with the user in mind. Well defined areas, clear buttons, appropriate spacing and tab driven menus make KinderTrack intuitive and easy to use.



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