Provider Portal for KinderTrack Attendance Sheets

We are getting a lot of interesting requests and discussion about the ability to allow childcare providers to download KinderTrack attendance sheets from the KinderAttend site.

Think of it: Agencies are mailing pre-printed attendance sheets via first class mail to providers. In the simplest case, this is one piece of paper in one envelope. To make that happen, an agent needs to print the attendance sheet, put it into a window envelope (or print separate labels), put a stamp on the letter and mail it. With KinderAttend, the provider logs in, finds the attendance sheets by month, and prints one or many on her own printer. Save paper, save ink, save labor.

Go Green

And the cost? Less than the postage.

Big Note: If your agency is using KinderAttend to track and submit attendance, the portal option does not make sense. You don’t need an attendance sheet. This is mainly designed for states where electronic attendance submission is not authorized yet (like California) and wet signatures on paper are still required for payment processing.

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