Unfriend, Unfollow, Unlike – Oh No!

Has this ever happened to you? You proudly look at your Facebook friend count on your profile: 72 (I know I don’t have a lot of friends on Facebook, but that’s another subject altogether). Then, the next morning, you check and it’s 71. Somebody unfriended you! Your immediate reaction is to take it personally.

Of course, in the “old world” that didn’t happen. You didn’t notice it when Joe stopped calling you, at least not right away, and a year later you’d wonder whatever happened to Joe, you haven’t seen him for a while. Joe could just fade away without an immediate alert.

But when a friend on Facebook unfriends you, and you have a habit of looking at your count, it’s right there. If you are anything like I am, you don’t know who left. All you know is SOMEBODY did. You’d have to keep a spreadsheet on the side to monitor. If you have a small friend count like I do, that’s not too hard.

I think it’s important that we don’t take it personally, and I have resorted to not checking in the first place. I actually didn’t know my friend count of 72 until I wrote this article and I  wanted to use the real number. If it was 73 yesterday, I wouldn’t know it, and that’s just fine with me.

There is more than Facebook, though. We have followers on Twitter (even though I still can’t quite figure out Twitter and its real purpose in life, and that too is another subject altogether), and I just found this article that shows that Twitter has bug that disconnects followers occasionally for no apparent reason. Relax. It’s not about counting.

Here are my own rules:

Facebook – I try to only friend people I actually know and have some personal relationship with. I keep it personal  there.

Twitter – I follow a very few number of folks I have come across and respect, and I am sure that list will grow over time. I check Twitter for inspiration by my gurus. And it really does work for that for me. Pretty much nobody follows me. But I only tweat when I publish blog entries. I do have direct blog subscribers however, outside of Twitter.

LinkedIn – This is huge. You have to be on Linkedin if you are serious about your work, your career and your future. Resumes are going away. LinkedIn keeps you on the pulse of what’s going on in your industry. I invite connections only when I really know the person in the real world, and very occasionally when I SHOULD KNOW the person but don’t yet.

Pinterest – Hmm, if you are a woman between 18 and 27, you’d better be there. The rest of us, I am not sure about yet. I am still figuring this one out.

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