Good Childcare Benefits Kids – 30 Years Later

Good childcare results in kids staying in school, increases high school graduation rates, builds better self-esteem, keeps teenage pregancy down, keeps the number of single young mothers down, keeps people out of prison – you get the message. Study after study confirms that.

Here is a good article summarizing some of the benefits of good childcare.

It’s the education, stupid!

Of course, it’s easy for us to tell the current population of welfare recipients to just get a job and don’t live off the public dole. It’s not me who is going to benefit thirty years from now when that man is not in prison, who is a little boy in daycare today. It’s my children that benefit.

I, for one, want to live in a society that cares about education at all levels, and that includes childcare. I want to live in a society that puts more value on children than it does on nuclear missiles. That’s why, when my kids were preschool over 20 years ago, I sent them to Montessori schools, and the check for tuition that I had to write every month was one of my most rewarding bills to pay. I knew then that great early education was a sound investment for me and my children, and I know today that likewise, on a macro scale, excellent early education, which includes subsidized childcare, is an investment in the future of our country and society.

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