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Decline in Education in California

In the mid 1960ies, California was ranked fifth in the United States in per pupil spending on education. During those years, California built one of the finest university systems and community college systems in the country. People from other countries and […]

Education Around the World

I believe the value a society or a nation places on education is related to the success of that nation. On the left is a chart of countries and the number of school days. I have collected this information from […]

Technology Companies Affect California Tax Revenues

Recent news suggests that the upcoming Facebook IPO could  result in a windfall of almost $2.5 billion in tax revenues for California alone in the next few years. This is enough money to make a signficant dent in the state’s […]

Another Look at Childcare Subsidy

Many states are cutting childcare subsidy services. The latest to consider substantial reductions is Missouri. Many people today lump childcare subsidies in with all other “entitlement benefits,” not recognizing that there are many positive factors. Childcare has been proven to […]

Minnesota Licensed Family Child Care Providers Win Union Dispute

The governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, attempted to order a unionization vote for about 4,300 home-based child care workers that are currently licensed to receive state subsidy funds. This prompted a lawsuit from a group of child care providers who […]

KinderWait Now Installed in Three States

A few months ago we finalized our KinderWait deployment in Wake County, North Carolina. This means that KinderWait is running in three different states: California, Massachusetts and North Carolina. In California, the system runs waiting lists and eligibility lists at the […]


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